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“a farm which looks after you and the Earth”

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Ewe cheese    Raw whole milk    Medecinals herbs

Ewe cheese
 Tomme of ewe      "Brousse"       The “Feita” 

Tomme of ewe  

“le Baume Rousse” a real ewe farmhouse cheese made with raw whole milk, is mattured in fresh and damp cellars, the matturing is slow:3 months minimum for the tommes of 3 kilos, one month and half for the stones(about 350 g). The tomme sold loose has a more developed taste , the stones are softer and smoother easily taken and can be keep for a long time at the bottom of the the fridge. “Les trucs du berger”:the cheese at cheese time but also for breakfast time or at teatime, plain or with some marmalade, on your gratins, croquet-monsieur or pizzas, salted or in cubes in a green or mixed salade and all your ideas.



Cheese of ewe made from wey, not naturally thin and rich in minerals, excellent for your health digestible.

Particularly soft, thin, melting texture at the palate “the cheese gives an esquis taste at everything”. We have got thousand of ideas and what about you?

Plain, salty or sweet on the morning toasts, on the cheese board, in a salad with olive oil and basil tart, in omelette soufflé, in doughnuts, in bricks, with honey and nuts or red fruits coulis or dipped, in your coffee…


The “Feita”

Ewe cheese made from raw milk, fresh products, quite salty, keep refrigerated.

T o be tasted plain on the cheese board, in a tomatoes salad with a bit fresh basil or aperitif oil in cubes or in a green salad.

On a toast grilled with some Macérée herbs with olive oil and garlic


Whole raw milk

From our Villardes cows farming

Promixity and freshness for this raw milk living product by excellence: keep refrigerated, beyond 3 days it is better to have it boiled if you wants to make yogurts.

The taste and the crème content of this milk depends on the seasons quality and grass are the reason for it.Celeste and Nuage are happy to make you take advantage of this milk and we are happy to draw it and bottle it for you.

Our medicinales herbs

The true lavender      Basil oil       Massage oils

Our seasons and aromatic medicinal herbs are special messengers between Man and nature; they are grown with a therapeutics intention and almost wild.

they are very concentrated a punch by cup is enough (for example for an herb tea, allow a teaspoon for 1 liter).

We have got a range of about 15 plants where the lavender take a part of blue queen.


The true lavender   

Picking with the sickle

« Thousand of properties nectar

Relaxing, soothing, healing, leading you to harmony.

Essential oil: a few drops in a room, fragrance in a bath, in cream, in message or in a primrose oil… in cooking in the crèmes brulées.

Flower water

Can be used as facial lotion, after shave, toothpaste water or sprayed in the cupboard on the ironing linen…evaporated on a source of heat or integrated in the washing water floor or in the cake, sprayed on the animals.


For the herbtea or cooking, sheet bag with opening.

« Coussinoux » :
Soft lavender flowers in a provencal tissue for your drawers your cupboards, your bathroom, your car.

Basil oil

Basil carefully bio-dynamally cultivated, a organical olive oil of first cold pression, a month of patient maceration in a fresh cellar, a careful filtering and a quick bottle set.

Its use:

In the salads, French dressing sauces.
Filet on areals, pastas, cheese, pizzas.

The delicious and simple thing:

Hot potaoes, a fresh cheese , a bit of salt, a drop of basil oil.
Some tomatoes slices, some feita slices; some basil oil drops.
And of course, ready to be used for the pistou sauce.

The massage oils

Solar macerations of fresh plants, in organic olive oil to external use.
St john’s herb:for burns, chilbains, chappings, rashes
Calendula: red blotchs, itchings, bites, stings
Lavender: soothing, smoothing
Thyme: to tone the muscles up (before the effort)
cowslip: for sprains, deep pains, bruises, open cuts, muscles relaxation (after the effort)
Oregano: for sciatic.


D’après Pierre Lieutaghi « le livre des bonnes herbes »